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Grooming tips for beautiful brows
You should never pluck your eyebrows from the top, because overplucking can ruin the natural line of your brow.
The main aim when shaping your brows is to open up the eye – therefore lifting the brow. Plucking the top of the brow lowers it.
After the shape is created you can maintain the look at home. Here are some tips:
1. Know how to measure your brows – these guidelines mean that you have the basic proportions right so your brows will keep your face balanced.
Brow start: line a pencil straight up from the middle of your nostril to your eyebrow and you can see the point your brow should begin.
Brow end: should be in a line from the outer corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.
Arch: Line up the pencil from the outer corner of your nose through the middle of your eye's iris. The point where it hits the brow should be the perfect spot for your arch.
2. Tweeze brows after a hot shower as the heat opens the follicles. Hold skin taut when tweezing, always tweeze in the direction of the hair and ensure your tweezers are sharp.
3. Tweeze the hairs in between your brows, then move underneath and create the shape, always ensuring you don't remove hairs from inside the main bulk of the brow, just surrounding it.
Applying concealer over the area where you want to tweeze will help keep you on track. Groom brows back to shape with a clean mascara brush as you tweeze.
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